Friday, February 9, 2007

Rewind and Review

Hi everyone! My name is Emily and this is my first blog...ever. I have decided to review the reviews of New York Magazine. I always look at their online site to find good restaurants, new museum exhibits, or weekend events. Every week i will be picking some various place that has been reviewed by New York Magazine, go visit it myself, and then review it in my blog. I'm open to any suggestions about places or things I should review, and of course any one is free to disagree or agree with anything I say. I haven't decided where I am going first, but it will be within the next be on the look out. Talk to everyone soon!



locomo said...

sweet - meta reviews - very post-modern!!

it looks like this is actually a burgeoning area online - try doing a search for "meta reviews".

this project has some cool potential to both critique/assess a major NYC taste maker and provide userful info for exploring new york

kalynn said...

this sounds like a great idea....I always read the reviews in magazines like the New York Magazine and the L Magazine, so I'm excited to hear a different view point!

itsmyblog said...

Hey.. I'm actually doing something similar! I'm reviewing the fashion/style section of NY Times. Its definitely easier to blog about something your interested in. And you can give us some info on whats hot in nyc. haha