Monday, February 26, 2007

Family Pictures

Family Pictures, the new exhibit at The Guggenheim is amazing to say the least. Their newest exhibit features contemporary photography and video of families and children. Some of the pictures are a little odd, but they are also very real. One of my favorite artists featured was Anna Gaskell, who did a series of pictures called "Wonder," which was based on Alice in Wonderland. Also Loretta Lux was another artist who captured my attention. She photographed children in the most innocent way. One of her pictures, "Study of a Boy," was stuck in my mind for days after I left. Not only are all the photos beautiful, but they also all tell a story. They are not necessarily attractive either, in fact some are extremely unattractive, but it is the aspect of truth in them that makes them so interesting.

It is not hard to love this exhibit, considering it is surrounded by crap. Maybe that is harsh, but the main exhibit being shown at The Guggenheim I could barely walk through. For some reason the Spanish Paintings of "El Greco to Picasso" were of no interest to me. I found them annoying and pointless. I think this is because all of them were very dark, not necessarily in content, but in color. So if you are going to The Guggenheim to see "Family Pictures," which I very much recommend...just know you will be paying to see only that. Of course other people might enjoy Spanish art, but I found it Muy Malo!

If you want a sneak preview before you decide to trek to 89th and 5th...check out "Family Pictures" online. I'm sure it will get you interested right away!

And keep checking back see what I will review next. :)


kalynn said...

the link to the website definitely sparked my interest! do you know how long the exhibit is up for?

emilykhughes said...
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emilykhughes said...

Great I'm glad you liked it! The exhibit is up through April 16th so you have time...but it's definitely worth a look.