Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The Spotted Pig

I'm having a difference of opinion with New York Magazine this week. They just recently posted their "Best of New York Eating 2007" list, and I decided to check out one of the restaurants listed. Under the category of "Best Comfort Food" was a place I have heard about numerous times called "The Spotted Pig." People are always recommending this pub-style restaurant located in the West Village as a great location for a weekend meal. However...I found it less than "comforting." Maybe because I am from Georgia I have a different idea of what comfort is...but when I saw this category I assumed mac n' cheese, mashed potatoes n' gravy, chicken fingers...etc. No- it was nothing like this. I found it hard to even find something on the menu I would be willing to eat, and I'm usually not a picky eater. I went for brunch in the mood for an omelette or something...and instead found items like "soft baked Duck egg with pancetta and endive." Everything on the menu had layers upon layers of ingredients and toppings...the menu was overwhelming...and even the burger came with too much on it...I never thought I would crave McDonald's until that moment. I ended up getting the french toast, which while very good, was still upwards of $12, and this was one of the cheaper things on the menu. The atmosphere was enjoyable though, and it's always fun to go to the West Village...but if you want a good Sunday morning brunch...and you aren't willing to try some unusual meal where the problem starts with pronouncing its name...than I would save your money and stick to a diner. "Best Comfort Food"???? I think not...I'd get more comfort inside my tiny apartment!

Click HERE to check out the Spotted Pig's Website

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