Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Cupping Room Cafe

Okay...normally I wouldn't review two restaurants in a row, but last week I was so disappointed in my meal that I wanted to give a good restaurant review this week! This past weekend I had a great brunch at "Cupping Room" on W. Broadway and Broome Street. I was with a big party and we didn't even have to wait that long. The atmosphere is very cheery and comfortable. The only problem...which wasn't really a problem...was that the menu had SO many great selections that it was hard to decide. I ended up getting an omelette with cheddar and apples. It was awesome! The potatoes that came with it were great too....and the coffee....well it did the trick since I was very tired. The great thing about the menu is that there is a wide variety of choices for every type of eater...you could get salads, sandwiches, or breakfast food. And to top it all off I had a celebrity sitting at the table near me...Claire Danes! So overall it was a great experience...and I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting a wonderful dining experience. It's not too loud either, so it would be great for a date or even a family meal. Talk to you all next week!

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kalynn said...

sounds good, thanks for helping to narrow down the overwhelming amount of restaurants to choose from in this city!

emilykhughes said...

Your welcome...many more to come!