Monday, April 2, 2007

Boom I have tried to use variation in my posts from week to week, but recently reviewing restaurants has become a fun I will continue on in that fashion. This past weekend I went to Boom, an Italian restaurant on Spring Street. While I wouldn't recommend this to a student on a tight budget, if you are working and can treat's definitely worth a try.

The service was great. The server gave us ample time to look at the menu and even the owner came over and gave his opinion on some of his favorite dishes...(the lobster ravioli is incredible!). We even ended up staying at the restaurant 45 minutes after we were done and had paid the check and they didn't care.

The atmosphere is very calm...although around 11 p.m. a live band started playing and people off of the street were perusing in, causing the restaurant to become over crowded and rather noisy. Go earlier to avoid crowds!

*The Menu-
For starters: The Classic Bruschetta is key, and the Organic salad is a great mix of flavors including walnuts, apples, and balsamic vinaigrette.

Main Course: The Lobster Ravioli is great if you are okay with a fishy taste...and the pink sauce is incredible. Also the Tortellini stuffed with chicken is mouthwatering...topped with a cream sauce covered in sesame seeds. *not great if you are on a diet*

Dessert: The Chocolate cake with a side of Coffee ice cream = Heaven

My ratings on this restaurant: out of 4 stars

Service: ***
Atmosphere: ***
Food: ***and a half

Check out information on Boom on NYMAG.COM

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